Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors has the following Committees for 2023.

  If you are interested in volunteering for one of our committees, please email us for more information.


Professional Standards Committee, Chairperson - Kristine Flaig

The purpose of the Professional Standards Committee is to conduct hearings as required on matters of unethical conduct of Association Members or arbitration as requested. 

Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors® utilizes a Citation Policy and has established a Citation Panel.


Members:  Tanya Bailey / Bruce Olsen / Jessica Godsey / Mark Stalcup

Grievance Committee, Chairperson - Crystal Davis

The purpose of the Grievance Committee is to evaluate ethical and arbitration complaints presented to the Association and determine whether the complaint warrants a hearing by the Professional Standards Committee.


Members:  Andrea Laney / Bradley Bruce / Kelly Stewart / Sherry McCollum

MLS Committee, Chairperson - Wayne Cofer

The name of this organization is the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors, Inc., Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and it shall be a committee function under the direction of the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors, Inc., and administered and guided by the appointed MLS committee. 

Meets:  4-5 times a year or as needed

Members:  Bonnie DuPree / Andrea Laney / Deanna Robertson / John Poltrock

Community Outreach Committee, Chairperson - Donna Srabian

The purpose of the Community Outreach Committee is to evaluate, recommend, and organize projects to benefit the community and enhance the image of REALTORS®.

Meets:  5-6 times a year or as needed

Members:  Christy Moore / Kristine Flaig / Jahna Allen / Chrissy Sidler / Deanna Robertson / Paige McKnight - Alternates:  John Poltrock / Tanya Bailey

Political Action Committee, Chairperson - Kaitlynn Pope

Meets:  5-6 times a year or as needed

Members:  Emily Kephart / Donna Srabian / Elizabeth Yeoman / Kathy Vetten

Technology / Innovation Committee, Chairperson - Chris Thompson

The Committee shall review, research  and/or vet new MLS products and services that could benefit MLBOR Participants, Subscribers, MLS Staff and Affiliate users.

Meets:  3-4 times a year or as needed

Members:  Tanya Bailey / Chrissy Sidler / Wendy Henson / Austen Sheffield

Nominating Committee

The MLBOR Nominating Committee is responsible for reviewing all nominations to ensure candidates meet the qualifications of the position to which they have been nominated. Prior to August 1, the Nominating Committee will vote on a recommended slate of officers and directors for the association for the following year.  These are to be presented at the following month’s Board of Directors meeting.  The annual nomination, election of officers and directors to the North Carolina Association of REALTORS® is intended to be an open process, so members may nominate themselves or fellow members.

Meets:  1-2 times a year or as needed

Members for 2023:  Levi Killian / Kristine Flaig / Wayne Cofer

Scholarship Committee

Recommends to the Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors candidates to be awarded scholarship from the MLBOR Scholarship Fund.

Meets:  1-2 times a year

Members for 2023:  John Poltrock / Michelle Spies / Lee Beal / Ron Halstead

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee consists of three (3) members: Treasurer, President, and President Elect. 

Members for 2023:  Bradley Bruce / Randy Dockery / Levi Killian


Professional Development


Members for 2023:  NEW for 2024


Young Professional

Members for 2023:  NEW for 2024


MLBOR Bylaws state the following:  The President shall appoint from among the REALTOR® Members, subject to confirmation by the Association of Directors, standing committees.  The President shall appoint, subject to confirmation by the Association of Directors, special committees as deemed necessary.  All committees shall be of such size and shall have duties, functions, and powers as assigned by the President or the Association of Directors except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws.  The president shall be an ex-officio member of all standing committees and shall be notified of their meetings.