Before You File an Ethics Complaint


If, after taking these steps, you still feel you have a grievance, you may want to consider filing an ethics complaint. You will want to keep in mind that…





If you have a challenge with your Realtor and feel he, or she may have violated the Code, prior to filing a formal complaint, contacting their Broker in Charge often proves to be the fastest and most efficient way to resolve an issue.


If you are unable to come to a resolution the Board of Realtors is your next step.


Once you have called the Association office @ 828-837-5297 you will be sent the E-1 form for completion.  Please note:  Your complaint should be filed within 180 days of the sited ethics violation.  The E-1 form will need to include which Article of the Code the member has violated.  The following link will provide you access to the Articles:


Once you have completed the form, please return to the Board office by email: or mail to Mountain Lakes Board of Realtors, 93 Tennessee Street Murphy NC 28906, along with a narrative of your experience.


Once received you will be contacted regarding the Ombudsman Services offered though the NC State Association of Realtors.


If this service does not provide a resolution your complaint, it will then move to be reviewed by the Grievance Committee to determine if it meets the criteria for the Board to impose an Education or Citation requirement for the Realtor Respondent.  Boards and Associations of Realtors cannot require the respondent to pay complainants or award punitive damages for violations of the Code.


Issues that are not a part of our Citation Policy will then be moved to a Professional Standards Hearing.




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