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1 in 4 renters use half their pay for housing costs
More than one in four renters use at least half of their household income to cover housing and utility costs, according to a new analysis of Census data by Enterprise Community Partners. The number of renters who are constrained financially from growing household expenses has surged 26 percent since 2007, now at 11.25 million.

NC House passes school calendar bill

The House passed HB 164 School Calendar Flexibility on Wednesday evening.  The bill did not substantially alter set school calendar laws.  To learn more about why NCAR supported this bill, read this article.

Why criminals choose you

Safety trainer and speaker Keith James says the key to avoiding a violent attack is to better understand the mind of the attacker and what they see as a perfect target.

 Learn the five stages of the process and greatly improve your chances of never becoming a victim.

Updated safety resources on

NCAR aims to provide members with practical and updated safety information.

 Visit and click on the REALTOR® Safety page under Member Benefits for quick access to the NC Real Estate Agent Safety Guide, safety videos and more from NAR.

3 tips to sell homes faster — and for a higher price

Want to give your sales an edge that stands out from the competition.

 Advertise home technology and savings to increase the value of a home and get it sold much faster.

The 4 Cs of qualifying for a mortgage

Low mortgage rates are helping to bring home ownership within reach for some borrowers. But qualifying for a mortgage remains a big challenge for many. 

 Here are the four C’s that lenders are evaluating when deciding whether to grant a borrower a loan.

7 P’s of real estate listing marketing

Learn how to incorporate seven components known as the “7 P’s” of real estate marketing.

Some agents subscribe to the “3 P’s” of marketing, which allegedly are: Put a sign in the yard, Put it in the MLS and then Pray. While there is nothing wrong with this method, to be highly successful, you need something other than this typical three-step approach.